How to Keep Your Baby Safe In Summer Heat

Summer heat has arrived which means hydration, proper clothing, shade, and sunscreen are now becoming essential. Babies are very sensitive when it comes to heat, and as a result, are susceptible to high body temperature which can be life-threatening! Dehydration, heat rash, heat exhaustion, and ultimately heat stroke are dangers for your baby that you need to be aware of as the temperatures rise during these summer months; however, the following tips will help you prevent those from occurring.

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How to Ease Back into a Fitness Routine After Birth

To safely take care of your precious baby, you need to be sure to take care of yourself. Your body has been through a very challenging transition, and after having a baby, you need time and care to recover. We know you all are anxious to get back in your favorite pair of jeans; however, you have to give yourself time. Remember, it took 9 months to get through your pregnancy and it could very well take another 9 months to get your pre-pregnancy body back. You have to give your body a chance to transition. It is important to take that into consideration and to be realistic and patient when it comes to your fitness routine.  The following are some helpful tips to get you started.

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Attention Moms! Quick Tips For A Relaxing Evening

In our last two posts we shared some quick tips for the morning and the afternoon. Today we will look at how to wind down and have a relaxing evening.

  • Play-time– try dancing, playing catch, practice crawling or walking anything to get your baby to tire itself out.
  • Mommy & Baby TV-time – place your baby in a safe stationary spot like a bouncer or playpen and let them watch their favorite cartoon, movie, or TV show.
  • Baby Bath-time – a nice warm bath will help relax and calm your baby
  • Mommy & Baby Quiet-time – before bedtime, your baby should have some time to chill out and relax.  Cuddle with our baby, swing time, bouncy chair that vibrates, etc.


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Attention Moms! Quick Tips For Your Afternoon

In our last post we shared some tips on what you can do with your baby in the morning. Today we will discuss some quick tips on things you can do with your baby in the afternoon.

What to do with your baby in the Afternoon

  • Household tasks – put your baby in a front pack baby carrier and carry her with you as you wash dishes, start laundry, etc.
  • Highchair Play-Time – put your baby in a highchair, bouncy chair or a baby swing while you prepare lunch.
  • Mommy & Baby Nap-Time–  lay your baby down for a nap in its bed and try to lay down for nap yourself or have some time to read or relax.

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Attention Moms! Quick Tips For Starting Your Morning

Today we will be sharing some quick tips on what to do with your beautiful new baby in the morning.

What to do with your baby in the morning:

  • Change diaper
  • Breakfast
  • Baby Dress up time ( dress the baby)
  • Tummy Time ( playtime)
  • Mommy shower time – Place your baby in a safe stationary environment like an exersaucer, bouncy seat, or playpen so you can chat with your baby as you shower.
  • Story Time
  • Morning walk – It will keep your baby entertained  and it is healthy for you as well. Use a front baby pack or stroller and enjoy a mommy and baby adventure.

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Depression is a common problem during and after pregnancy. About 13% of pregnant women and new mothers have depression

Postpartum Depression

In previous posts we have discussed many topics involving your pregnancy and pregnancy care. Currently we are discussing post pregnancy care or postpartum care. For this post we will be specifically focusing on and discussing postpartum depression and what you can do to beat it so you will be able to care for your new baby.

What is Postpartum Depression?

Postpartum depression is a mood disorder that can affect women after childbirth. It is not a character flaw or a weakness it is a condition. For some women it is simply a complication of giving birth. Postpartum depression occurs in nearly 15 percent of births and may begin shortly before or any time after childbirth, but commonly begins between a week and a month after delivery. Untreated, postpartum depression may last for many months or longer. Read More